This page of contains a few links to some useful resources with more information about data-driven KPIs and metrics which can be used to track the business performance of online casinos.

You can also discover more about European Wide Support to the Gambling Sector via our homepage and learn more about some of the most important metrics currently being used.

Investopedia –

This site contains an easy-to-follow break down of KPIs, which are grouped into different indicators that can be applied to both financial and non-financial measurements. Investopedia then looks in detail at different metrics including Net Profit Margins, Profitability Ratios, Operating Margins, Asset Performance and more.

Monster –

This page of Monster discusses the importance of defining the right KPIs for your business and how the wrong ones can result in an inaccurate overall picture of your business’ performance. Monster takes a glance at KPIs such as Business Indexes, Financial Indicators, Return on Investment, Customer Retention, Satisfaction Metrics, Call Times, Ticket Analysis and Back Order Rates.


This comprehensive guide in PDF form by PWC sets out the basics of Narrating Reporting, Choosing Performance Indicators, Reporting Key Performance Indicators and Content Presentation of Key Performance Indicators. It takes a focused look at different metrics that can be applied to various sectors including banking, petroleum and retail while it also discusses strategies that businesses use in order to formulize personalized, tailor-made KPIs to measure business success.